The Happy Gut Club:

Way Better Than Conventional
Health Insurance

At the Healthy Gut Connection, we accept health insurance
as payment for most complex medical conditions.

But we understand that health insurance only goes so far.
Unfortunately, disease prevention and optimal wellness
are not considered “medically necessary” or even important
by the health insurance industry.

That’s why my team and I go beyond that!

We offer the Happy Gut Club membership program that addresses the root causes of disease and illness that typically get denied coverage by even the best health insurance plans.

The Happy Gut Club membership includes:

  • Physician check-ins and email support (unlimited)
  • Group nutrition and lifestyle coaching (once every two weeks)
  • Tai-chi group relaxation class (once every two weeks)
  • Private nutritional assessment session (one time)
  • Grief and Emotional Loss Recovery Workshop (8-week group program)

Your health insurance plan will continue to cover your initial medical visit as well as follow-up visits for significant medical conditions.

Of course, you’ll also need to have a primary care provider since I’ll be working closely with them.

Because the Wellness amenities included with the Happy Gut Club membership program are not considered professional medical services, we offer them separately from your health insurance plan.

The Happy Gut Club membership fee is only $300 per month. There is no “initiation fee.” And, you can cancel at any time.

NOTE: Specialty laboratory studies, if necessary, are NOT covered by the membership fee, and you may be charged directly by a particular testing lab.

We’d be delighted to explore if the Happy Gut Club membership program is right for you!