My Approach to Making
Healthy Gut Connections

When you work with me and my team at Healthy Gut Connections, it’s important for us to get a 360-degree understanding of who you are, the health challenges you are facing, and the underlying root causes.

Along those lines, this is what you can expect to

As part of your initial evaluation, these are the areas that are important for us to learn about:

  • Health History & Lifestyle Review: A comprehensive, historical understanding of the obvious as well the hidden factors – from childhood to the present day – that contribute to how you’re feeling right now
  • Your Habits: The tiny behaviors that make the difference between suffering and feeling great every day
  • Your Diet and Nutrition: The everyday micro-connections happening between your food and your optimum health
  • Your Energy Levels: The complex interaction of activity, meal-timing, and rest and recovery
  • Your Physical Movement: The activities that noticeably boost your mood, release unwanted stress, and enhance overall well-being
  • Your Sleep Patterns: The transformative power of sleep to change your life for the better
  • Your Stress Patterns & Rejuvenation Practices: The right balance of good vs. bad stress and dealing with everyday challenges in constructive ways
  • Your Gut-Brain Connection: The vital link between a healthy gut and a balanced mind

You may not realize that these are significant contributors to how you’re feeling.

To get a more complete picture of what is causing your gut problems, I’ll also order an advanced set of tests that go much deeper into solving your condition than the typical laboratory studies that most doctors order.

After your blood work results come back, we’ll review them together, and I will explain what they mean.

This information gives me a deeper understanding of who you are as a person, what’s going on in your life that contributes to your condition, and what may be preventing you from feeling better.

With this in mind, I’ll make practical recommendations that may include:

  • Dietary changes
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Changes in routines and patterns
  • Stress reduction and relaxation practices
  • Increased movement, and
  • Habits, including sleep re-patterning

In addition, I may recommend working with other health professionals on my team because you may have blind spots in your life that aren’t obviously health-related but are affecting your well-being.

As you can see, making your gut healthy isn’t as simple as writing a prescription!

And that’s why I take great pride in the ever-evolving holistic approach that is the hallmark of a “healthy gut connection!”